Peter Gehler
【Bio】Professor,Leader of a group
【Research】Deep learning, Scene parsing, Pose estimation

  • 2016 ACMMM barrista — caffe well served (Multimedia 2016 Open Source Software Competition )
  • 2016 CVPR DeepCut: Joint Subset Partition and Labeling for Multi Person Pose Estimation
  • 2016 CVPR Learning Sparse High Dimensional Filters: Image Filtering, Dense CRFs and Bilateral Neural Networks
  • 2015 ICLR Permutohedral Lattice CNNs
  • 2014 CVPR Efficient Non-linear Markov Models for Human Motion
  • 2013 ICCV Strong Appearance and Expressive Spatial Models for Human Pose Estimation
  • 2013 CVPR Poselet conditioned pictorial structures
  • 2012 DAGM Pottics – The Potts Topic Model for Semantic Image Segmentation

Mario Fritz
【Bio】Professor, leader of a group
【Research】object recogntion, machine learning, kinect application

  • Deep Reflectance Maps (CVPR’16)
  • DeLight-Net: Decomposing Reflectance Maps into Specular Materials and Natural Illumination (ArXiv’16)
  • Novel Views of Objects from a Single Image (ArXiv’16)
  • Visual Turing Challenge (NIPS’14, ICCV’15)
  • Person Reidentification (ICCV’15)
  • Sequential BayesianModel Update under Structured Scene Prior for Semantic Road Scenes Labeling(ICCV’13)
  • Learning SmoothPooling Regions for Visual Recognition (BMVC’13)
  • Multi-Class VideoCo-Segmentation (CVPR’13)
  • Rendered Materials(ECCV’12)

Michael Black Michael Black
【Bio】Professor, once worked at Brown
【Research】optical flow, pose tracking, body construction

  • The most recent and mostaccurate optical flow code in Matlab
  • Matlab implmentation of theBlack and Anandan dense optical flow method
  • Original Black and Anandanmethod implemented in C
  • Robust Principal ComponentAnalysis (PCA)
  • Human motion tracking

Bernt Schiele Bernt Schiele
【Bio】Professor, leader of a group
【Research】3D object class recognition or 3D people detection and tracking

  • People Detection, Pose Estimation and Tracking
  • Human Activity Recognition
  • Knowledge Transfer and Semi-supervised Learning
  • Image and Video Segmentation
  • Object Recognition and Scene Understanding
  • Ubiquitous Computing