Jianming Zhang
【Bio】Research Scientist at Adobe Research. PhD from Boston Univ under Stan Sclaroff.
【Research】Computational photography

  • 2018 IJCV Top-down Neural Attention by Excitation Backprop
  • 2018 CVPR Excitation Backprop for RNNs

Sylvain Paris Sylvain Paris
【Bio】Researcher, PhD from inria, postdoc from MIT.
【Research】image-based modeling, computational photography

  • 2017 CGF Intrinsic Decompositions for Image Editing
  • 2016 SIGGRAPH Deep Joint Demosaicking and Denoising
  • 2016 CGF Automatic Portrait Segmentation for Image Stylization
  • 2016 TOG Automatic Photo Adjustment Using Deep Neural Networks
  • 2015 SIGGRAPH Blind Video Temporal Consistency
  • 2015 HPG Compiling High Performance Recursive Filters
  • 2015 SIGGRAPH Transform Recipes for Efficient Cloud Photo Enhancement
  • 2014 IJCV Fast Local Laplacian Filters: Theory and Applications
  • 2014 SIGGRAPH Style Transfer for Headshot Portraits
  • 2014 IJCV Automatic Photo Adjustment using Deep Learning
  • 2013 SIGGRAPH Data-driven Hallucination for Different Times of Day from a Single Outdoor Photo
  • 2013 CVPR Handling Noise in Single Image Deblurring using Directional Filters
  • 2012 EG SimpleFlow: A Non-iterative, Sublinear Optical Flow Algorithm
  • 2012 SIGGRAPH Decoupling Algorithms from Schedules for Easy Optimization of Image Processing Pipelines

Jue Wang Jue Wang
【Bio】Principle Scientist, PhD from Washington, bachelor and master from Tsinghua Univ.
【Research】computational photography and video, image and video processing, advanced computer graphics and vision techniques

  • 2016 ECCV Robust Image and Video Dehazing with Visual Artifact Suppression via Gradient Residual Minimization
  • 2015 BMVC Perceptually Motivated Benchmark for Video Matting
  • 2014 CVPR Deblurring Low-light Images with Light Streaks
  • 2013 SIGGRAPH A No-Reference Metric for Evaluating The Quality of Motion Deblurring
  • 2013 SIGGRAPH PatchNet: A Patch-based Image Representation for Interactive Library-driven Image Editing
  • 2013 CVPR Handling Noise in Single Image Deblurring using Directional Filters
  • 2013 ICCP Edge-based Blur Kernel Estimation Using Patch Priors
  • 2012 CVPR Automatic Upright Adjustment of Photographs

Zhe Lin Zhe Lin
【Bio】Researcher, PhD from Maryland, BEng of USTC, page not found
【Research】object detection, recognition and tracking, human gesture and action recognition

David Salesin David Salesin
【Bio】Researcher, Affiliate Professor at Washington. Bsc from Brown univ, PhD from Stanford Univ.
【Research】digital photography and video, automatic design & presentation of information, non-photorealistic rendering, visualization, image-based rendering, digital typography, and color

Hailin Jin Hailin Jin
【Bio】Principal Scientist, Msc and PhD from Washington. Bsc from Brown univ, PhD from Stanford Univ.
【Research】 deep learning, image alignment, 3D reconstruction, structure and motion estimation, optical flow, stereo, and image-based modeling and rendering

  • Generic Image Library (GIL)

Eli Shechtman Eli Shechtman
【Bio】Researcher, PhD from weizmann, post-doc from Washington, not updated since 2008.
【Research】Video analysis and synthesis, object and action recognition