【Bio】Professor, Head of the Automation Department, PhD from Huazhong UST
【Research】bionic vision, feature descriptor, object detection/tracking/analysis, visual surveillance, and medical image

Mingming Cheng Ming-Ming Cheng
【Bio】Associate Professor at Nankai Univ, PhD from Tsinghua with Shimin Hu, postDoc at Oxford
【Research】 image/video scene understanding, content editing, saliency computation, object detection, as well as reconstruction and analysis of scene geometry

  • 2016 PAMI Struck: Structured output tracking with kernels
  • 2015 aRxiv A Framework for the Volumetric Integration of Depth Images
  • 2015 TIP Salient Object Detection: A Benchmark
  • 2015 TOG SemanticPaint: Interactive 3D Labeling and Learning at your Fingertips
  • 2015 CGF DenseCut: Densely Connected CRFs for Realtime GrabCut
  • 2014 CVPR BING: Binarized Normed Gradients for Objectness Estimation at 300fps
  • 2014 TOG ImageSpirit: Verbal Guided Image Parsing
  • 2014 PAMI Global Contrast based Salient Region Detection
  • 2013 ICCV Efficient Salient Region Detection with Soft Image Abstraction
  • 2011 PAMI Connectedness of Random Walk Segmentation
  • 2009 Curve Structure Extraction for Cartoon Images
  • 2009 CGF A Shape-Preserving Approach to Image Resizing
  • 2009 TOG Sketch2Photo: Internet Image Montage

Yongjin Liu Yong-Jin Liu
【Bio】Associate Professor, PhD from hkust
【Research】computational geometry, computer graphics, computer aided design and pattern analysis

  • A Main Directional Mean Optical Flow Feature for Spontaneous Micro-Expression Recognition
  • Manifold SLIC (MSLIC): a fast method to compute content-sensitive superpixels
  • Objective Quality Prediction of Image Retargeting Algorithms
  • Geodesic Voronoi diagram ofpoints and polylines on 2-manifold meshes.
  • CASME II: A spontaneousmicro-expression database.
  • 2.1D sketch extraction frommonocular images:(Matlab)
  • Database of 3D color models(431 models in 17 classes):
  • Color Model Viewer;
  • Exact geodesic metric in2-manifold triangle meshes using an edge-based data structure:
  • VideoSketch: An installationpackage for Android OS:
  • Exact-geodesic Voronoi diagramon 2-manifold triangle meshes.
  • Exact-geodesic paths anddistances on 2-manifold triangle meshes.
  • 3DModelSketch: EasyToy — Asketch-based 3D cartoon toy design software.
  • comprehensive demo video; A more comprehensivedemo video; Project webpage 1; Project webpage 2. Awarded “GoldMedal” at the 41st International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva,Switzerland (12-April-2013): Certificate; Chinese web news.
  • Image retargeting/resizingquality assessment.

Ai Haizhou Ai Haizhou
【Bio】Professor, Msc and PhD from tsinghua
【Research】face analysis, video surveillance, object tracking, object segmentation

Shimin Hu Shi-Min Hu
【Bio】Professor, Bachelor from Jilin, Master and PhD from Zhejiang Univ.
【Research】digital geometry processing, video-based rendering, rendering, computer animation, and computer-aided geometric design

HCI And Media Integration

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