On person parsing


Liang-Chieh Chen: http://liangchiehchen.com/
Yi Yang: http://www.ics.uci.edu/~yyang8/
Xiaodan Liang: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~xiaodan1/
Liang lin: http://hcp.sysu.edu.cn/home/
Shuicheng Yan:
Alan L. Yuille:



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  • 2016 ECCV LSTM-CF: Unifying Context Modeling and Fusion with LSTMs for RGB-D Scene Labeling


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    • E. Simo-Serra, S. Fidler, F. Moreno-Noguer, and R. Urtasun


  • Microsoft Coco(COCO)
  • Look into person(LIP)
    • http://hcp.sysu.edu.cn/lip/index.php
    • contains 50,000 images with elaborated pixel-wise annotations with 19 semantic human part labels and 2D human poses with 16 key points.
    • The metrics are reported by FCN. The four metrics are Pixel accuracy(%) , Mean accuracy(%), Mean IoU(%) and Frequency weighted IoU(%).
    • The images in the LIP dataset are cropped person instances from Microsoft COCO [19] training and validation sets. there are 50,462 images in the LIP dataset including 19,081 full-body images, 13,672 upper-body images, 403 lower-body images, 3,386 head-missed images, 2,778 back-view images and 21,028 images with occlusions
  • ATR
    • X. Liang, C. Xu, X. Shen, J. Yang, S. Liu, J. Tang, L. Lin, and S. Yan. Human parsing with contextualized convolutional neural network. In ICCV, 2015
    • 16000 training image, 700 validation images, 1000 testing image, with 18 cateogries.
  • PASCAL-Person-Part:
    • X. Chen, R. Mottaghi, X. Liu, S. Fidler, R. Urtasun, et al.Detect what you can: Detecting and representing objects using holistic models and body parts. In CVPR, 2014.
    • 1716 training image, 1817 testing images, and 7 categories.
  • Fashionista
    • K. Yamaguchi, M. Kiapour, L. Ortiz, and T. Berg. Parsing clothing in fashion photographs. In CVPR, 2012
    • 456 training image, 229 testing image, with 56 categories
  • Kinect2 Human Pose Dataset (K2HPD)